Organic vs Non-Organic Teas & Herbs

"As long as it's healthy, why does it matter?"

That's a question I have heard many people ask, many times! But, the question is; is it actually healthy? Unfortunately, the FDA has become pretty relaxed over it's laws and what farmers are allowed to label as "Organic" these days, and that has come at the expense of consumers!

Organic to most means that a produce was grown without any chemical interventions, however, that is not the case! Any food labeled "Organic", while not genetically modified, can have harmful chemicals in the soil, which seeps into the food while it is growing.

Any type of chemical that is introduced into the soil is not completely natural! But wait, that's not it! Non-Organic food can come from anywhere, and can be made of anything! It can come from genetically modified seeds, be made of lab chemicals to taste and look like a specific food/herb, the list goes on and on!

In a nutshell, when it comes to Organic vs Non-Organic, I would prefer Organic, however, the best way to go is to read the 4-5 digit PLU Codes on the produce, or grow your own.

I'll explain how to read the PLU Codes in my next post, see you then!

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