How to incorporate tea into your day.

How to incorporate tea into your day.
Step 1: Get over the idea that teas must all be served hot!

Customer Testimonial:

I get it, who would want to drink that many cups of hot tea everyday? I must admit, I have tried it before and it is not fun! While, I would advise that the tea is brewed and steeped prior to drinking, there's nothing wrong with putting it in the fridge for a bit or adding ice cubes (made with spring water) to enjoy a fresh cup of Iced Tea!

Will the Iced Tea have the same health benefits as the hot tea?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Once the tea is brewed and steeped, the medicinal/ wellness properties have been released into the water, and your tea is full of health benefits!

How do I sweeten my tea without destroying the quality?

Great question! I love to use Agave Syrup to sweeten my tea. It's alkaline, and it's actually much sweeter then the cane sugar we have grown so accustomed to. I not only use this in my teas, but on all of my food that I used to add sugar to.

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