Ginger Root Flakes (organic)

Ginger Root Flakes (organic)

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2oz. Organic Ginger Root

Can be drank as a tea and used to make tinctures or decoctions.

- Anti Inflammatory

- Digestive Health

- Gastrointestinal Issues

- Congestion

- Mucus Expectorant

- Respiratory Issues

- Cold/Flu Symptoms

- Oral Inflammation

- Assists with nausea

- Pregnancy Symptoms

- Upset stomach

- Improves absorption of nutrients in the body 

- Great for spicing up your favorite teas and meals!

How to Prepare your Loose Leaf Herbs

- Add 1 full tablespoon of herbs to 2-3 cups of water & bring to a boil.

- Turn off the stove and allow the herbs to steep for 15-20 minutes before drinking (the longer the herbs steep, the stronger it will be).

Roots/Barks & Stems:

- Add 1 full cup of herbs to a gallon of water & simmer for 40-45 minutes.

- Turn off stove and allow the herbs to steep for 2-4 hours before drinking (the longer the herbs steep, the stronger it will be).

*In order to avoid dehydration & headaches, please consume 1 gallon of Natural Spring Water daily, when consuming herbs & herbal supplements. Best results if consumed in conjunction with meat, dairy & sugar FREE eating habits. Once brewed, herbal tonics/teas can last up to 5 days if refrigerated and mixed daily.

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not claiming to cure any illnesses/diseases or intended to replace any medications prescribed by your doctor.  Please always consult with your physician before starting any herbal remedies.*

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Ginger Root Flakes (organic)

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